Do You Know 10 facts about Ancient Egyptian in Gods??

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  1. Egyptian worshiped thousands Gods. They had different God in different periods, even every towns and cities had their own God. They believed that god created them and through worshipping the God and Goddess they will stay protected and Gods could give them smooth life and after life.
  2. Egyptians even worshiped animals. Many of their God had Animal’s head and human’s body. They worshipped Cats for Protecting their children and Granaries from rat. They even mourn and shave their eyebrows if their cat die. They offered milk and rats for cats.
  3. Most important of all Egyptian god is Ra. It is Sun God. They believed Sun God Ra to master of all creation. They believed that they were created from tears or sweat of Sun.
  4. God Osiris is the Supreme judge. He decides whether a person is worthy of external life. He appears in green face with beard.
  5. Horus is God of the sky and he is son of Osiris, the creator. The king of Egypt was believed to Embodiment of Horus.
  6. Anubis was God of death, He was in charge of dead people. He had black head that resembled a jackal’s head. The person who is prepares the body for mummification wore the Jackal’s head mask to represent Anubis. They believed that Anubis could take them to external life through underworld.
  7. Egyptians worshipped Nile, as it was great source of life. Hapi was God of Nile. Khnum was water God and he presided over waterfalls and he is responsible for annual flooding of Nile. They believe Khnum created Gods and mankind from clay on a pottery wheel.
  8. Isis was Egyptian goddess, she was considered to be patron saint of women, mothers and children. She represented a perfect wife and mother and she protected from death.
  9. Hathor was Egyptian goddess of joy, motherhood and love. She protected pregnant women. She was goddess of music and dance too. She is shown wearing Cow’s head or Cows horn.
  10. Thoth was the wisest of Egyptian God, God of moon. He is shown with head of bird called ibis. Curved beak represented moon and hence that bird became symbol of Thoth. He was also responsible for wisdom, writing, numbers, arts, Astronomy and magic.