Do You Know Historical about Football Origin

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However, it’s always the British, who invented the modern football. They organised the game to attain world standard and united all by formulating the rules for it. But history of football existence dates back a millennium ago. Football was said to be invented in China by Han dynasty around 476 BC. It was found in writings dating from around 476 BC, it was known as “cuju” and involved players kicking a leather ball through a hole in a piece of cloth. Japan too declared that they had existence of 14 centuries ago, it was called as kennutt.

The ancient Greece and Rome also had their own version of football and they started to watch football, it was called as harpastum. There is also evidence that in 1175, London boys played the game during carnival week. Popularity of the game was enormous, king feared the people could lack concentration in their day to day life by getting addicted to football. People also turned violent during the game. There were numerous attempts to ban the game, but it was no vain.

Later football became popular in Britain’s European colony countries. Football gained popularity in Austria, the First Viennese football club was established in 1893. Later many clubs were formed in many countries and spread across the globe.

The modern game took its shape in December 1st, 1863. First committee of football association was formed. The laws and rules of the game was formulated there for first time. Later many football teams were formed and then football club, football leagues and so on.

The FIFA (federation internationale de football association) was formed by France to promote world cup. FIFA organised its first world cup match in 1930. Uruguay managed to get the opportunity to host the world cup, in order to mark their 100th anniversary of independence. 13 teams took part in first world cup but now 32 teams compete in world cup. FIFA organises world cup for every four years. And the game is always been most popular game for all time.