Kinds Of 10 interesting facts about Mayan civilization

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  1. On December 21, 2012 entire world kept their fingers crossed when Mayan calender predicted that it was End of the World. Mayan round calender ended on that day, but it was assumed to have taken next phase which will end on October 13, 4772.
  2. Mayan civilization is believed to exist 2000 BC to 250 AD ( according to radio carbon dating). But Mayan calender is to said to have dates equivalent to 11 august 3114 BC.
  3. Mayan were spread across Mexican states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Chiapas, and in the Central American countries of Belize, Guatemala, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador.
  4. Mayan civilizations are known for Step pyramids. They had well flourished art and architecture. Mayans had well planned urban design to construct their homes in hills and mountains. They even had Ballcourts to play many games.
  5. The Mayan had very advanced writing skills, they used hieroglyphs like Egyptians. They wrote proper sentences and were able to communicate stories. They even had very good literacy rate.
  6. The Mayans were very fond of jewels. They used Gold and Jade in their ornaments.
  7. The island city of Tayasal was the last independent Mayan kingdom that existed till 1697 until it was attacked by Spain.
  8. Mayan culture is still continued in few regions in Southern Mexico and Central America.
  9. Mayan believed in human blood sacrifice. They practiced it for religious and some medical purpose. Mayan had very good medical techniques . They practiced sorcery for healing, foresight and to control natural events.
  10. Reason for their decline is still debated. Over population, environmental disaster, epidemic disease, intense drought, foreign invasion and climate change could be the key cause for their decline.