Some Mysterious about Dragon, Did You Know??

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We come across the term dragon in myths and movies. They are strong creatures and believed to be more intelligent than a human. The dragon is usually a serpent or reptiles which is very large and ferocious.

The word dragon was found derived from Latin word draconem, which means huge serpent. It was used in English language from 13th century.

The dragon are traditionally identified as two types, European dragon and Chinese dragon. The Chinese dragons don’t have large wings but they are lengthy. The European dragons are short in length and has huge wings.

The dragons are always hungry and they can produce fire when they roar.

Many countries have their own version of dragon stories in their literature and it is believed to hunt animals and humans for food.

They dragon was used to guard the treasure and palaces as they were symbol of power. It was also used in army during battles. Some believed dragons were protective but some feared that it was dangerous.

Many culture believe that dragons do exile in sea and few traditions believe that dragon live in clouds.

There is a species called Draco volans is called as flying dragons and it is scientifically called as genus Draco. They look same as dragon but they are very small. On an average it grows up to 20 cms and they don’t produce fire too

Komodo dragons are largest and powerful lizards which are said to be dragon family. They grow up to 10feet and they are too arrogant and can eat human too. They are found in Indonesia.

The dragons were also considered to be afterlife of few people. They are generally arrogant.

Some culture believed that dragons had more knowledge, hence they were symbolised for wisdom and knowledge.